Foreword to
 Shape Shifting--reclaiming
YOUR perfect body
by Neale Donald Walsch

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Few experiences within the human adventure matter more to our happiness and well being than self-image. I know that it is possible for people to develop a wonderful self-image no matter what shape or size or type of body they have. Self-image has to do with our understanding of the Self that we truly are, not some exterior idea of what is “perfect” or “beautiful” or “attractive.”

So the first step toward improving our self-image is to readjust the shape of our inner ideas about true beauty and wonder and even about divinity itself. You are divine, whatever shape you are in, whatever the state of your being.

Weight and shape change programs should therefore never be about “improving.” It is impossible to improve on perfection—and you are perfect in the eyes of God just the way you are. They should be about changing your idea of perfection, even as you experience the perfection of your present experience. They should be about recreating yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are. In other words, while you are fine and wonderful just the way you are, you may choose if you wish to move to the next level in the demonstration of your personal magnificence by redefining that in any way that you wish.

What I like about the weight and shape change program offered in this book is that new tools are added to your arsenal—tools having to do with the human soul as well as the human mind and body. When we bring the soul into our life process, whatever the issue, we suddenly add a new and powerful dimension to the process itself—one that can produce utterly amazing, if not to say miraculous, results.

Spirituality IS “miraculous”, and when we harness the power of God and place it into our lives in any context, we make the impossible possible. Spirituality is also fun. There is a certain joy mixed in with any expression of divinity, and that joy translates into fun and humor in the living of our day to day lives. The lighthearted approach to weigh and shape change found in this book feels so good to my soul. Life is in need of a little enlightenment, it seems to me. And by enlightenment I mean the lightening up of our approach to the challenges which face us.

God is on our side. God is our best friend. When we realize this and use that power and that force in the solution of whatever our problems may be, everything changes. We no longer feel alone, we no longer feel hopeless and helpless. Here is my favorite prayer. I love it.

Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.

So enjoy and embrace this spirit-centered approach to weight and shape change if weight and shape change is what you desire. I am impressed with what I see in this book. I love the nuance and the energy found here. Lisa Bonnice is a natural “enlightener.” So have fun with this book, and have fun as you approach what for so many other people seems like an arduous and difficult task. Let Lisa help you make it look easy.

Neale Donald Walsch
Author, Conversations With God series



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