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What if you were able to see your body's physical condition as a treasure map to your internal world? What if you were able to see excess weight or illness as a blessing ... as clues to a mystery to be solved? What if you could learn to change your body's physical condition for the better by becoming more consciously aware? You can do all this and more! You can learn to become a Shape Shifter and help your body to become its healthiest self. Shift your thoughts, shift your shape!

Are you ready to step out of the mainstream diet maelstrom ... an old-fashioned and broken system ... and into your future Self? They say that it takes more than diet and exercise to get in shape ... it takes a lifestyle change. Shape Shifting teaches you how to change your life into something you enjoy!

Diet and exercise are all well and good, but we all know that they don't create lasting results if the dieter doesn't change fundamental things about the way they live their everyday lives. These lifestyle changes are by far the hardest to make, but a book called Shape Shifting--reclaiming YOUR perfect body gives the reader a fascinating and friendly body/mind/spirit method of creating a whole new life, with a healthier body as a bonus!

You've probably come to this site because you're interested in reclaiming your perfect body--the healthiest, most vibrant body your DNA holds in it's memory--using the power of your body/mind/spirit. You're not interested in looking like someone else's ideal of what you "should" look like. You've had it up to here with what others think your body should be. You may be a fan of movies like What the Bleep or The Secret, or authors like Neale Donald Walsch (who wrote the foreword for Shape Shifting), Abraham-Hicks, or Louise Hay. If so, you know that you didn't land here by accident.

Imagine how great it will feel when you finally feel good in your own skin. It's not an impossible dream--you really can feel great about yourself. In fact, the sooner you do, the sooner you will begin to shift your shape into its healthiest form. 

What's even more exciting is that, as you begin to see results, you'll notice that your overall life is getting better, too! That's because you're learning to be your genuine, authentic self ... the self that lives in your DNA, the self you came here to be. And as you become more genuine and authentic, then so does your life. It feels so wonderful that you won't believe you ever lived any other way.

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